I Love the 80’s

Google Books has scanned and made available all back issues of Spin magazine from it’s inaugural May 1985 issue through 2009. Just like with the archive of Popular Science magazines, the ads are often the most interesting parts. Anyway, I graduated from high school in 1979, where I was a frustrated punk (the only one in my school to own a Ramones lp), and became a DJ at WRVU as soon as I became a freshman at Vanderbilt. I worked in local record stores (yes, we sold records back then) from 1985 – 1988, so I was pretty plugged into the music scene back in the 80’s. Perusing these back issues of Spin is a real treat. And despite the scorn and vitriol heaped upon the music of that era, it really was unrivaled in the diversity and creativity of the artists. What other decade could have the likes of Huey Lewis and REO Speedwagon (yuk) in the charts alongside The Cure and R.E.M.?

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