Flipping My Math Classes

I’ve been slowly recording and posting screencasts for my classes (primarily my Honors Precalculus and BC Calculus courses), so that I can teach using the “reverse classroom” or “flipped class” method. It’s a very simple concept: instead of my students listening to me lecture in class, then going home and trying to work through a lot of homework alone, I post a screencast of my lecture (6 – 12 minutes) on the course’s Moodle page and their only homework is watch it and bring questions about it to class. Then, we work on the problems together in class, or maybe we do an activity that reinforces the concept being taught.

For example, here’s a picture of a one of my BC students learning about volumes of rotated solids by calculating the volumes of disks that she has sliced a cucumber into:

The point is, instead doing the passive learning in school (listening to me talk), my students are able to do a lot more active learning, whether it’s merely working together on problems, or a math lab. The passive learning takes place whenever they want to pull out their laptops and watch my screencast.

All of my screencasts are available via the links in the right column in the home page of this blog. You are welcome to use them.

Update: After a full semester of reverse teaching, I asked my students for feedback. Their responses are very thoughtful and illuminating. I compiled them in another post you can read here.


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