Long Lost Musical Gem #5

“All For You”, by David Baerwald, off of his Bedtime Stories album .

The story of Lucas Riley, the poor schmuck who works all hours to keep his wife happy materially, when all she wants is some personal attention. “Because you know, my angel, all I do, I do for you.” Unfortunately, she is, shall we say, hard to please. In desperation, a misguided Lucas takes up a friend’s offer to make a little money doing something that isn’t exactly legal.

The melody rocks, the guitars are clean and upfront, and David’s vocals have the perfect world-weary rasp the lyrics call for.

You might know David as half of David+David, who had a deservedly big hit in the 80’s with “Welcome to the Boomtown”. That song brilliantly skewered the narcissism of mid-80s LA culture.

Click on the album cover above to go to Amazon. It’s out of print, but you can still get it for next to nothing. Baerwald is a great songwriting talent who deserves a wider audience.

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