Blogging Heads

Here are my notes from the session about heads of schools that blog:

Blogging Heads: Michael Ebeling (Summit School, Josie Halford (Poughkeepsie Day School), Jonathan Martin (St. Gregory College Prep School)

Josie – I’ve been blogging since 2006, because a head needs to be present everywhere, including online.

Jonathan – Blogging is a discipline. A journal of what I am learning and observing.

Michael – What feeds my blog is “Cultivation of Voice”.

Jonathan – Blogging ought to be an expression outside of the perfection of published reports.

Michael – There is a distinct difference between blogging and tweeting.

Josie – it feels weird to have readers from all over the planet.

Q: What is your most memorable post?

Josie – I found a story about 14,000 cats dropped on Borneo. Was it true? I looked up flight records of the RAF – got the facts. Lots of response to that post.

Michael – I asked my teenage daughters for recommendations on how to start my school year. They gave me Top 10 list.

Jonathan – TED Talk on Crowd-Accelerated Innovation. Blog stats promote innovation. I post my talks to students online, so parents can see them.

Q: What is the relationship between Twitter & Blogger?

Michael – Twitter is my single most important source of information sharing.

Josie – Twitter is a huge timesaver. It’s an extraordinary tool for professional development.

Jonathan – Many of the things I learn about come from Twitter. It is a powerful collaboration tool. (note: find “Connected Principals”). I’ve found that if you reference a book, the author often contacts you.

Q: Are there any taboo topics?

Josie – I always think about the mission of my school when blogging.

Jonathan – When evaluating another school, I certainly won’t blog.

BTW – faculty love a favorable mention on a Head’s blog.

Q: How do you avoid the narcissism blogs can lead to?

Josie – It’s a constant struggle

Michael – have guest bloggers. I have an “Inspired Learning” series.

Jonathan – My blog is not contained within the school’s website. I don’t expect anyone at school to be reading my blog.


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