A Student’s Kaleidoscope

For my G Block Geometry students, today was the last day we met before Spring Break begins. They’ve worked really hard this quarter, so their reward was a doing a fun activity that hopefully taught them a little bit about reflection, rotation, and dilation.

Here’s an example of one of my students’ work:

As the rest of them finish, I’ll be posting short videos of them in our 2011 Geometry Kaleidoscopes Channel.

I’m really proud of what they accomplished with this project.


1 thought on “A Student’s Kaleidoscope

  1. Thank you for your compliments about my fractals made with chaoscope at you tube. Maybe you like to see my website? You will find fractals made with Fractal Explorer, Chaospro ( binnenaarde) and Chaoscope.
    I love your beautiful fractals!!!


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