Teaching In Reverse – A Presentation to the TAIS Forum, 03/29/2011

I just wrapped up a presentation for TAIS (TN Association of Independent Schools) on the reverse classroom technique I’ve been trying out this year. Rather than use the dreaded Powerpoint, I decided to create a “Prezi” on prezi.com. Even though this was my first attempt, I found it to be very intuitive and flexible. I also think it has a lot of potential as a teaching and learning tool. You can embed images and videos; you can invite others to collaboratively edit a Prezi, and you can embed a Prezi somewhere else (such as your blog!).

If you don’t want to keep clicking the arrow through the whole thing, click the arrow once, click on “More” at the lower right corner, click “Autoplay”, and sit back. You can zoom in and out anywhere during the show, as well as pan back and forth, up and down.

Here is a Voicethread demo I made for the forum:

Update – Here are some pictures of the heart-pounding action:

This slideshow requires JavaScript.


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