TI-84 Plus Calculator OS Upgrade

Wow, this is pretty exciting news for users of the Texas Instruments 84 Plus graphing calculator. In February they released a new version of the operating system, v2.55. I just finished installing it, and it is like having a brand-new calculator for free.

Instead of the old FnInt(expression, variable, lower limit, upper limit) integration feature, the new OS gives you this when you hit MATH 9:Instead of the old nDeriv(expression, variable, x-value), you get this when you hit MATH 8:

As a math teacher, it is so much better to be able to operate within Leibniz notation. Instead of students having to memorize a bunch of unrelated menus and parameters, they can enter expressions and values as if they were writing them out on paper. Even fractions are displayed better:

To install the new OS, you need to have TI-Connect software installed on your computer, and a USB cable to connect your TI-84 to your computer. Complete instructions on the process are here.

Kudos to Texas Instruments for an excellent upgrade to an already great device.

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