Goodbye, DVDs (and get ready to say goodbye to cable)

I just set up a Roku box in my home, and it is better than I expected. It only took about 15 minutes to connect it to my TV and add it to my home wireless network. In no time at all I was browsing movies and TV shows on Netflix. I also like the fact that it is so small and unobtrusive:

It’s really amazing how convenient this little box makes on-demand viewing.. Last night I watched two episodes from the first season of Mission Impossible, from way back in 1966. When I was a kid, that was my favorite show, and it holds up well today. The picture quality was excellent, and the program started playing immediately after I chose it. All in all, I would say the Roku is an excellent value.

After suffering for years under Comcast’s high prices and abysmal customer service, it is so nice to have a viable alternative.

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