A Nice Tool for Student Responses

I’ve been using Socrative in my classes more and more lately. It is an online polling tool that lets me post a question or problem, and my students can anonymously respond. It’s very flexible – you can offer multiple choice, true/false, short answer, etc. Here’s a screenshot:

They love using it, and I get immediate feedback on how many students understand what we’re learning, and how many need some extra practice. It works with smartphones as well as laptops.


2 thoughts on “A Nice Tool for Student Responses

  1. Are you only using socrative for anonymous stuff? How are you doing advanced precal and calculus symbols in socrative? Do you have any files you would be willing to share so I could get an idea? I just found this tool this summer and will be teaching both classes this fall. The tool looks really exciting but I’m not seeing how to use it with advanced math problems. Thanks for your help! Love your website!

    • Kristie,
      The biggest limitation of Socrative is its lack of an equation editor. I use it in my geometry classes where it isn’t hard to compose answers. I only use it for short, quick, anonymous responses. If you are interested in using it with more complex questions, you could display multiple choice ones with the answers written out, and let your students just pick a, b, c, or d. As a matter of fact, I start every class with three PSAT or SAT questions. It’s the perfect tool for that. Thanks for checking out my site, and good luck on your classes next year!

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