Kindles In The Classroom

This post isn’t particularly math-related, but I wanted to shine a spotlight on some amazing things a colleague of mine is doing with technology in her classroom. Meg Griswold teaches high school English, and at yesterday’s faculty meeting she made an outstanding presentation of all the ways she is taking advantage of the Kindle.

She uses the Kindle app on her tablet computer to quickly locate and display important passages from whatever book her class is discussing. She also has her students highlight their own passages and add notes that can be referenced later during discussion. Meg also uses Twitter to send out to her students study tips, helpful notes about book passages, or questions to be thinking about while reading.

Since so much classic literature is public domain, many titles that English courses cover are free or incredibly inexpensive. When I got my own Kindle, the first purchase I made was the complete works of Charles Dickens. Total cost: $2.99! With the free Kindle app, students can access thousands of classic works on their smartphones or computers at little or no cost.

It is such a privilege to work with creative and pioneering educators like Meg. Check out her blog where she is chronicling her efforts to incorporate Kindles into her classes. It’s fascinating.


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