A Fantastic Suite of Add-Ins For MS OneNote

OneNote is an indispensable tool for my teaching. I have a Lenovo X220 Tablet that connects to a wireless projector, so I display whatever I’m doing on a screen up front while I circulate among my students. OneNote makes it an effortless task to grab graphics from websites, convert handwritten equations and expressions to typewritten ones, and organize my notes for every section I teach. It even provides answers to simple calculations:


Best of all, by syncing my class notebook to Microsoft’s Skydrive, and then granting my students permission to access those notebooks on the cloud, their OneNote notebooks are automatically updated whenever I make changes to my notes. It’s a terrific way to ensure my students’ notes are always up to date.

I just came across an excellent suite of addins developed by Omer Atay specifically for OneNote: OneTastic. It includes lots of macros, some image editing utilities, and customizable styles, among others. Right now, my favorite is the Calendar addin. By clicking on it:


a calendar comes up with all of the pages I have created organized by date of creation. Fantastic!



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