Winning and Losing

An excellent reflection by the Director of our Upper School on winning and losing, and the lessons to be gained.

Bears Repeating

Part of growing up is learning how to play the game. When teaching a young child how to play a card or board game, we usually begin with games of luck. With no real skill involved in these games, a child is able to discover, in a non-threatening environment, that she sometimes wins and sometimes loses. The goal is not as much about memorizing the rules of the game as it is about learning how to behave when we win or lose.

We have seen children, young adults, and older adults win and lose well and not so well.   Winning gracefully is always the easiest, but even that can become challenging when it happens too often in a short period of time. Coaches never want to be the undefeated team going into the finals in a tournament. Feelings of overconfidence can quickly and quietly soften our drive and resolve.   Let’s…

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