Easing Into Proof

Proof. A word that strikes fear into the hearts of many geometry students. In an effort to try to ease the anxiety created by this process, I tried a new approach (inspired by my colleague here at Harpeth Hall, Maddie Waud): I typed up and printed out three simple examples of geometric proofs and cut up the statements and reasons. I used Geogebra to create the illustrations. I then put them in envelopes, gave them to pairs of students, and asked them to arrange them in proper order.


There were a few students who didn’t get the first proof correct initially, but by the third one everyone put them together in the right order in no time. Hopefully, this exercise was a confidence-booster for my girls. Their biggest concern is that they won’t know where to begin when confronted with a proof that doesn’t have any statements and/or reasons provided, but they felt better after doing this activity.

You can download the proofs by clicking Proving a Theorem , and you can print them out for your own use.


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