I am a high school mathematics teacher at an independent, all-girls school in Nashville, TN. I’ve been teaching since 1986, and I enjoy incorporating technology into my classroom. I help coach the cross country team, and in my spare time I run, listen to music, read, make stained-glass windows, and create fractals on my computer. Favorite authors are Charles Dickens, Fyodor Dostoevsky, Scott Cairns, and Neal Stephenson. Favorite music is by the Kinks, Big Big Train, Genesis, The Cure, Porcupine Tree, Spock’s Beard, Kent, Depeche Mode, Suede, Patrick O’Hearn, Ken Andrews, Wayne Shorter, Cyrus Chestnut, Dinah Washington, Ludwig van Beethoven, Alan Hovhaness, Igor Stravinsky…


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  1. Hey there. I like the site. I’m a math instructor at a community college in San Francisco, and exploring ways to use various technologies in and out of the classroom for mathematical learning and/or recreation. I’d love to have an opportunity to collaborate a bit, if you’re game. Most of my usage right now is using Sketchpad for classroom demonstrations (and making my own art), but I’d love to expand that.

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  3. Hi, I camp upon your blog from this youtube link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vuv5VYerrc8
    I am a high school math teacher in Chicago. I’ve been teaching vectors in pre-calc using this Boat to Island game for many years. However, NCTM took it off their website and I can’t find it or anything like it anywhere. I’m wondering if you know where I could find this game or something like it. Or maybe you are interested in creating one 🙂 Thanks!

      • Thanks! I’ve scouted geogebra before, but these are not quite as good as that boat to island game. The game was a good motivator … let’s play and then figure out mathematically how to get the boat to the island. It’s a bummer that NCTM took it off their site.

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