Fractal In Space

Now we’re getting somewhere! This animation features a Julia set generated by Chaoscope, running at 30 frames per second. The parameters for the frames were calculated by Ani4chaoscope, and I edited the whole shebang with Serif Movieplus x3. The music is “An Ending (Ascent)”, by Brian Eno, off of his Apollo Atmospheres and Soundtracks album.


Long Lost Musical Gem #3

off of his Before and After Science album:

A perfect song that creates an indescribably peaceful mood of languid pleasure. The fretless bass and synthesizer play a call-and-response with the melody. This is from 1977. I was a sophomore in high school, and Roxy Music was my favorite rock group. (Which helped cement my somewhat outsider status; everybody else was into Styx, Boston, Heart, et al.) I found this lp in a hi-fi store, and listened to it obsessively for months. Energy Fools the Magician was later included in the Ramones film soundtrack, Rock ‘n’ Roll High School. When I think that this track is more than 30 years old, I get a funny feeling. When I was in high school, 30-year-old music was swing band stuff from the 40’s. Now 30-year-old music is just more rock music, albeit usually better than what’s out there today. (Here’s some trivia regarding this album: the song, King’s Lead Hat, is an anagram of the group Eno was about to become intimately involved with: Talking Heads.)