Earthquakes and Acid, Oh My!

Sounds like a disaster movie, but it’s just my latest screencast. In it, I explain how to use logarithms to analyze earthquakes using the Richter scale, and the acidity of solutions using the pH scale.



The Power of Logarithms

Logarithms. The word can strike terror in the hearts of algebra and precalculus students everywhere. However, once you understand their secret, there is nothing to fear. Logarithms are simply powers of numbers. They’re exponents! For example, when you ask yourself, “What power of 3 would give me 81?”, and you answer “4”, you just figured out a logarithm. 4 is the log of 81, base 3.

See? That wasn’t so scary, was it? Now watch my latest screencast to learn more about these misunderstand numbers.