Algebra 2 Screencasts!

I’m teaching Algebra 2 for the first time in many years, so I am recording lots of screencasts for it. I’m putting them into a YouTube playlist, and you can access them all here. So far, I’ve covered completing the square, linear inequalities, radical and quadratic form equations, absolute value equations and inequalities, solving quadratic equations, basic tools of graphing, lines, circles, function basics, graphing functions, transformations, and functions operations and composition. (Whew!)

If you’re really bored and want to binge-watch them, here you are:


Math Screencast Library

In my previous post, I mentioned using screencasts as part of the “reverse classroom” teaching method I am beginning to implement. I use screencast-o-matic to create the screencasts. You can access all of my Precalculus ones here. My BC Calculus ones are here. To view them, your browser must have Java installed.

Here’s an example of one I have uploaded to YouTube:

I embed these screencasts into my courses’ Moodle pages, where I can make them visible or invisible as needed. Eventually, I hope to have a substantial library of lectures that I can use year after year.