Light, Math, and Color – 2017 Projects

I just finished teaching another Light, Math, and Color minicourse. Twenty students researched a math topic and illustrated it with a stained glass window. Their projects this time around are really spectacular, especially considering these are first tries. (Note: If you hover over a picture, the math topic it illustrates will show up.)


2013 Winterim: Light, Math & Color

I taught another three-week stained-glass mini-course this year. After my students learn the basic technique of copper-foil stained glass windows, they research a math topic, write a paper on it, and illustrate it with a window of their own design. Topics this year included systems of inequalities, the Fibonacci Sequence, corresponding angles formed by two lines and a transversal, the Four-Color Theorem, and the Pythagorean Theorem among others.

Here’s a gallery of their finished windows:

A Virtual Tour of Our Windows

I been making artglass windows for almost 20 years now, and I guess I’ve gotten so accustomed to seeing the ones in our home that I don’t really notice them any more. So I was surprised by the positive responses from my Facebook friends when I posted a picture of the windows I made for our den.

I spent some time today taking pictures of all the windows I’ve made and installed, and here they are in a slide show for everyone to enjoy. There are many hours of labor invested in these, and it was nice to see them again in a fresh light!

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