Neal Stephenson Has a New Book Coming Soon

Big news! My favorite living novelist, Neal Stephenson, has a new book coming out September 20, 2011. It’s called ReamDe, and it sounds like a return to the style of his terrific novel, Cryptonomicon. Neal has written science fiction, historical fantasy, and thrillers, but there is a common thread of mathematics, cryptology, and economic theory running through all of his books. His great talent is to combine all of those elements with humor and suspense to create enormously entertaining yarns. Listen to him discuss ReamDe:


3 thoughts on “Neal Stephenson Has a New Book Coming Soon

  1. Stephenson is one of my top fave authors too, although when others do that infodump thing I often accuse them of suffering from Stephensonitis. that said, I can’t even tell you how much I’m looking forward to Reamde! but how do I pronounce the name of this book? It looks like it’s a play on words of “read me”?

    • Yes, you must be right about ReamDe being a play on ReadMe. Knowing Stephenson, it is probably a multi-layered pun as well – isn’t .de the domain for German websites? Thanks for the comment!

      • i just requested my local library buy this. according to Amazon it’s 1,056 pages!! yes, I know Stephenson writes tomes, but still!

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